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Insect Killing Grow Light
Insect Killing Grow Light
Insect Killing Grow Light
Insect Killing Grow Light
Insect Killing Grow Light
Insect Killing Grow Light

Insect Killing Grow Light

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Growers Are Freaking Out!

Your plants are paradise for insects & mosquitos providing them with food, water and a safe place to breed. Toxic chemicals don't work and are terrible for the quality of the plant and the air you breathe. 

The Insect Killing Grow Light provides your plant with the sunlight it needs to mature and will tap into insects natural instinct attracting them to the electric net.

Rigorously Tested With Proven Results

Why It Works

Instantly we saw the mosquitos, flies and other bugs head straight for the 365nm Light on the top of the bulb. This light mimics the heat and light coming from the human body, thus, attracting all bugs away from your plants. 

The low decibel coming from the trap is also a major reason why the insects will choose the trap over a human body. This decibel is completely mute to human and animal ears, making the trap totally inaudible.

After using sprays and chemicals to rid bugs on my plants I found the Insect Killing Grow Light to be the most effective and safest way to kill the insects. It's non-toxic and the dead insects help provide nourishment in the soil. It's truly a win-win!

Insect Killing Grow Light Features:

● 365nm human body simulated light attracts most insects effectively
● Inner electric netting zaps and kills insects instantly
● Low sound frequency denoise tech helps attract insects
● Will not affect your sleep

● Widely compatible USB port, powers the lamp conveniently
● Screws into any standard light socket (E27)
● No radiation, non-toxic, safe to humans, pets, & plants

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