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Ultrasonic, Electric Home Pest Repeller 2019
Ultrasonic, Electric Home Pest Repeller 2019

Ultrasonic, Electric Home Pest Repeller 2019

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“Take Back Your Home From Annoying Pests!”


REMOVE & PREVENT Creepy Crawlies from Returning 

Revolutionary ultrasonic frequencies remove & prevent pests from ever returning to your home. 

Ultrasonic waves have been studied to be the most effective pest repellant method.

These frequencies literally annoy the heck out of pests. 

In fact it annoys them so bad, they all end up permanently leaving within days!

Works On All Kinds of Critters!

CritterFree™ has been shown extremely effective at repelling the following:

  • mice 
  • rats
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • mosquitos
  • snakes
  • and more!

Avoid Spraying Noxious Chemicals in Your Home  

Stop spraying chemicals throughout your home!

Sure they may "work"...

But they smell terrible. And breathing them in all the time puts you and your loved ones at risk. 

CritterFree™ is completely chemical free.

Keep you and your family safe from harmful chemicals. 

The Ultrasonic Frequency is 100% SAFE for Humans

The 20 - 155 kHz frequencies admitted by CritterFree™ are safe for humans.

In fact, humans can't even hear the frequencies!

So you can be sure you can use the repellant devices without damaging your ears. 

Flame-Retardant Material Prevents Sparks

In case your home ever experiences a sudden power jolt, you won't have to worry.

CritterFree™ devices are made using flame-retardant material. 

It's impossible for them to ever spark!

  • Remove All Sorts of Creepy Critters from Your Home
  • Ultrasonic Technology Prevents them from Ever Coming Back
  • Avoid Exposing Your and Your Family to Harmful Chemicals
  • Frequency is 100% Safe and Doesn't Affect Humans
  • Made With Flame-Retardant Material in Case of Power Outages

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