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Catchoro™ Ultimate Reusable Fly Catcher

Catchoro™ Ultimate Reusable Fly Catcher

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“Save ANY Outdoor Environment from HUNDREDS of Annoying Flies!”

  • Catch Hundreds of Flies in Just a Couple Days
  • Enjoy a Peaceful Environment Free of Constant Buzzing 
  • Avoid Using Toxic Sprays Harming the Environment
  • Easily Clean Out in as Little As 30 Seconds
  • High Quality Mesh Handles Strong Force so Never Rips

    The ULTIMATE Fly Catching Machine 

    Are you dealing with tons of flies ruining your park, porch, farm, or other area?

    Catchoro™ turns any fly infested environment into a peacefulparadise.

    Simply hang the catcher above the ground and place in bait that flies can't resist.

    The smell of fruit, fish, and other bait will attract all flies within a 50 square meter radius.

    And they won't be able to escape.

    Hundreds of flies GONE, just like that!

    Keep the Environment Safe from Chemicals 

    Catchoro™ is an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way to get rid of flies. 

    Don't put harsh chemicals into the environment.

    Sprays often unintentionally kill other wildlife. And the noxious fumes can even make you and your family sick!

    Catch flies the safe and healthy way.

    Clean Out Dead Flies in Just 30 Seconds!

    Whenever you'd like to clean out the catcher, the process is super easy!

    It takes only 30 seconds max to remove the bottom brim and dump out the flies. 

    And after that, your fly catcher will be like new!

    Top-Notch Material You Can Rely On

    Ultra high quality mesh keeps flies reliably trapped.

    Catchoro™ can handle forces way heavier than a few hundred trapped flies.

    So you'll never have to worry about flies escaping from rips or tears.

    Fold and Condense to EASILY Save Storage Space

    When you're done using Catchoro™, storing it is a breeze.

    The catcher folds and condenses to a fraction of its maximum size. 

    It'll barely take up any space in storage, leaving you with lots of room for other things. 

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